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Barren Island: The only active Volcano in South Asia

November 22, 2019

Barren Island in Andaman (The only active Volcano in Southeast Asia)

Barren Island in Andaman is the only active volcano in south east Asia. The volcano recorded its first
eruption in the year 1787 and since then the volcano has erupted for 8 more times. The last eruption
was observed in the year 2017 and is still continuing.

The height of the volcano is 354 metres (1,161 ft), but most of the volcano lies underwater upto 2250
meters below the surface. The 3 km long island is mostly covered by the volcano and its lava.

Where is it ?
Barren Island is situated approximately 140 Kms from the capital town of Port Blair.
This volcanic island is a part of the volcanic belt between the Indian and Burmese tectonic plates. The
other Volcano in this belt, Narcondam Island is also a part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


How to reach?
As there are no regular boat or ferry services to Barren Island, the only option to reach Barren Island is to charter a boat from Havelock or Port Blair. By normal fishing boats it takes almost 5-6 hours to reach Barren Island, where as with the high speed Gulf Craft of Andaman aquaholics MFV Caiman you can reach Barren Island in just 90 minutes from Havelock. The duration of travel depends on the weather and sea conditions.


What to do ?
Barren Island is famous for the crystal clear waters surrounding it. It is also home to some of the giant species of Yellow Fin Tuna, GT and various other fishes. Anglers from around the world visit Barren Island for Big Game Fishing.
Permits and procedures
It is not permitted to land on Barren Island due to safety reasons. However one can go near to the land and see the volcano and the smoke coming out.
Prior permissions are to be obtained from Department of Fisheries, Police Marine Force, Port Management Board and Indian Coast Guard for Barren Island.


Boat (MFV Caiman)
Cost & Booking
Booking has to be done minimum 3 days in advance to obtain the requisite permits.
The maximum limit on board MFV Caiman is 8 Pax for Barren Island.
The cost of the trip starts from Rs.1 Lakh. (Upto 8 Pax)
For more details and bookings you may contact
Mobile: 8001123888, 9434264321, [email protected].com

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